Creating a Meaningful Funeral Order of Service for Your Loved One

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Creating a funeral order of service adds a further level of complication to the process of saying goodbye to someone we love.

Planning a memorial service to celebrate the life of the deceased is difficult enough without having to worry about every last detail, like designing and printing. However, don’t worry—we have you covered.

We have put together a comprehensive handbook, available at, which will teach you everything you need to know about composing a heartfelt memorial service for a loved one. We’ll discuss everything from layout and design to printing advice and some suggestions for customizing your order of service. Then let’s get going!

Choosing a Theme or Visual Style for the Funeral Order of Service

Even though creating a Funeral Order of Service might be difficult and upsetting, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Even if you might already have some precise ideas in mind, browsing website templates or choosing a visual theme will help you get started.

Make sure it best captures the life of the departed when selecting a theme or aesthetic for your Funeral Order of Service. Try to include any hobbies or favorite films that they had into the design. If they were religious, include symbols from their faith to serve as a reminder of their convictions.

Keep in mind that the sights and themes of the service should also allow the attendees’ loved ones relive comforting memories. Instead of being excessively loud or detracting from the intended outcome of the proceedings, pictures or designs should offer a sense of comfort and support.

Choosing a suitable subject and visual aesthetic for your Funeral Order of Service can ultimately serve to enrich memories and even start dialogues with your guests later.

Selecting Photos of Your Loved One for the Funeral Order of Service

The Funeral Order of Service can be personalized and made into a keepsake by including pictures of your loved one. Choose images that are significant, reflect the subject’s life, and bring back pleasant memories while choosing the photos.

You may think of their life as a scrapbook, and each picture you choose should show your guests something unique about them. When selecting images for the Order of Service, keep the following in mind:

  • Number of Photos: Generally 1-3 photos is ideal, but it’s important that it feels right to you and not too overwhelming.
  • Size and Placement: Choose a size that fits with the overall design and ordering of the service cards. Placement can add impact so consider having one large portrait photo as the focal point with smaller detail images around it.
  • Age: Many times multiple ages work well together for this type of project. You could start with a young photo (representing innocence) and end with an older one (representing wisdom).
  • Drone Shots or Landscape Photos: If appropriate to your loved one, drone shots or landscape pictures can be a nice touch. It conveys how they were part of something much bigger than themselves and connects them to nature.
  • Color or Black & White: There is no right or wrong here – if you are unsure pick 1 in color and 1 in black & white for variety.

By keeping these tips in mind when selecting photos for your Funeral Order of Service, you will have chosen meaningful images that truly honor you’re loved.

Crafting a Personalized Tribute or Obituary for the Funeral Order of Service

It can be difficult to write a tribute or obituary for your loved one’s funeral service. If you don’t know how to document your memories, you might feel as though you have a multitude of them. To help you make your tribute as meaningful as possible, here are some hints and suggestions:

Take Your Time

Don’t hurried the procedure. Take as much time as you require and return to it when you’re feeling inspired because you won’t be able to document all of the recollections in an hour or two.

Write Anything and Everything

There’s a good chance that not all of your recollections will fit in the funeral service order of business, so take some time to jot down anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense at first; just record the memories for the moment.

Think About What Those Who Knew Them Would Want To Read

When editing, consider what those closest to the departed would want to read about them — their proudest moments, unique qualities, or tales of their character or experiences — as this will assist to ensure that the obituary is meaningful and encapsulates why they were so unique.

Including Special Poems, Readings or Prayers in the Funeral Order of Service

A wonderful and polite option to personalize the Funeral Order of Service for the departed is to include specific poems, readings, or prayers. If your funeral directors or pastor’s suggested service books don’t have anything suitable, try something from a favorite author or book, a well-known poem or prayer, song lyrics, a motivational saying from a well-known person, or even something you came up with on your own.

You may even make it engaging by inviting churchgoers to share their favorite passages in memory of the departed. This can help the service become even more poignant by giving everyone in attendance an opportunity to say farewell and share their beloved memories in their own unique ways.

By include these reflections in your Funeral Order of Service, you can draw attention to things that were important to your loved one and that will unite everyone. Additionally, it gives everyone present the chance to appreciate what made them special and distinctive.

When creating the Funeral Order of Service’s content, take some time to consider what type of difference it will make. There could be some pleasant surprises waiting for you!

Listing Speakers, Readers and Music in the Funeral Order of Service Program

Once you’ve decided on the overall layout of your Funeral Order of Service Programmed, it’s time to consider who you want to honor and recognize. This may include speakers, readers, musicians, and singers whose participation has been requested for the duration of the ceremony.

Include their names in your funeral order of service programmer if you intend to have speakers or readers. You might even want to include a little bio or background about the speaker or reader, such as their relationship to the dead.

This information gives the audience a sense of who will be speaking and how they are related to your loved one. It also acts as a tribute to those extraordinary people in your life; it’s a way of saying “thank you” for helping you and “honoring you” for your support in honoring the life of your loved one.

You might also want to mention any unique songs, poems, or readings that will occur throughout the ceremony in addition to thanking any choirs or musicians who have been invited to play. By doing this, you may ensure that these priceless occasions are remembered long after the funeral has over.

Printing and Distribution of the Funeral Order of Service

The Funeral Order of Service can be challenging to print and distribute. However, there are ways to simplify it. When printing and distributing your Funeral Order of Service, keep the following in mind:

Printing Services

It is worthwhile to use a printing service if you want your Funeral Order of Service to appear professional. Don’t forget to inquire if your funeral home offers in-house printing services. Alternatively, you can always discover a nearby printer or an online store that offers rapid and simple delivery of high-quality prints.

Number of Copies

Order plenty of copies; if you don’t, people will have to share, which is not ideal in this case. When ordering copies, it’s usually wiser to err on the side of caution.


Make sure you have enough individuals prepared to distribute the Funeral Order of Service at the funeral service once it has been printed and bound. One per every 25 attendees is a decent general rule of thumb to follow to guarantee that everyone receives one immediately when they arrive at the service.


Here we have supplied you with all the information you require to construct a meaningful and personal monument to your loved one, from the challenging work of putting together a funeral order of service to providing useful tips for you to consider along the way.

Making a funeral order of service doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this order of service should honor your loved one and all of the memories you and others have of them. In order to ensure that everything is great, take your time.


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