Fittest Crossword Clue: Tips and Tricks to Solve Them

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Crossword puzzles are a great way to improve vocabulary, cognitive function, and memory. However, sometimes you may come across a particularly challenging crossword clue, such as “fittest.” If you’re struggling to solve it, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to help you solve the fittest crossword clue and other challenging clues like it.

Understanding the Clue

Before you can solve any crossword clue, you need to understand it. In the case of “fittest,” the clue is likely an adjective that describes a noun. Your task is to identify the noun being described. Sometimes, the clue may be a noun, and you’ll need to identify the adjective that describes it.

Look for Context Clues

Context clues can provide valuable information to help you solve a crossword clue. Look at the surrounding clues and answers to see if they can provide any hints. For example, if the answers to the adjacent clues are “gym” and “health,” the noun being described by “fittest” is likely related to exercise or physical fitness.

Consider Synonyms and Antonyms

Another strategy for solving crossword clues is to consider synonyms and antonyms. In the case of “fittest,” think of synonyms such as healthiest, strongest, and most robust. Antonyms, such as weakest or sickest, can also provide clues.

Use Wordplay

Crossword clues often use wordplay to provide hints. Look for puns, anagrams, homophones, or other word games that the clue may be playing. In the case of “fittest,” the clue may be a play on words, such as “who’s the most fit?”

Break the Clue Down

If you’re still struggling to solve the clue, try breaking it down into smaller parts. Identify the noun or adjective, and then consider the possible meanings of each word. In the case of “fittest,” break it down into “fit” and “est.” “Fit” can mean healthy or suitable, and “est” is a suffix indicating the superlative form of an adjective.

Consult a Thesaurus

If all else fails, consult a thesaurus. A thesaurus can provide synonyms and antonyms for the word you’re trying to solve, which can help you narrow down the possible answers.


Solving a challenging crossword clue like “fittest” can be a rewarding experience. By understanding the clue, looking for context clues, considering synonyms and antonyms, using wordplay, breaking the clue down, and consulting a thesaurus, you can improve your chances of finding the correct answer.


  1. What does the word “fittest” mean?
  • “Fittest” means the most suitable or healthy.
  1. What are some synonyms for “fittest”?
  • Some synonyms for “fittest” include healthiest, strongest, and most robust.
  1. How can I improve my crossword solving skills?
  • You can improve your crossword solving skills by practicing regularly, learning new vocabulary, and studying crossword-solving strategies.
  1. What is wordplay?
  • Wordplay is a type of clue that uses puns, anagrams, homophones, or other word games to provide hints.
  1. Can I use a dictionary to solve crossword clues?
  • Yes, you can use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you solve crossword clues. However, be careful not to rely too heavily on them and to focus on developing your own problem-solving skills.

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