Guaranteed in the 888poker Ontario Mystery Bounty Festival

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The mystery bounty format has taken the poker tournament world by storm, not least because it adds a layer of excitement to bounty events. 888poker Ontario is the only online poker site that runs daily mystery bounty tournaments, and it the first Ontario-friendly online poker site to dedicate an entire tournament series to the format. The Mystery Bounty Festival is in full swing at 888poker Ontario, and last until the crowning of the Main Event champion on March 6. More than 120 mystery bounty events and side events adorn the schedule, each coming with buy-ins starting as low as $1 and increasing to $250; there’s a Mystery Bounty Festival tournament for everyone.

The 888poker Ontario Mystery Bounty Festival has combined guarantees of over $400,000, with at least $100,000 of that impressive sum dedicated to the Main Event. Featuring several Day 1s running from March 1-6, the $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event commands a $250 buy-in, although there are plenty of cut-price satellites running around the clock to reduce that cost.

Whether you buy into the Main Event directly or win your way in via a satellite, you sit down with 10,000 chips, and play to an incredible blind structure that starts at 25/50/5a. The blinds stay at 15 minutes throughout.

Each Day 1 concludes at the end of the 12th level, or when only 14% of the field remains, with surviving players resuming the action at 8:00 p.m. ET on March 6. Day 2 players sit down knowing they are in the money, and sees the mystery bounties come into play. 888poker Ontario guarantees at least one of those mystery bounties will tip the scales at a bankroll-boosting $10,000!


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