Kids with Locs: Parenting and Maintenance Tips

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Dreadlocks, or locs, are a unique and beautiful hairstyle that transcends age. It’s not uncommon for children to sport this distinctive look, often a reflection of cultural or family traditions. If your child has locs or if you’re considering allowing your child to grow locs, it’s essential to understand the special care and attention these locks require. In this article, we’ll provide valuable parenting and maintenance tips for kids with locs, ensuring that their hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Starting the Loc Journey

1. Consult with a Professional

Before embarking on the locs journey for your child, it’s advisable to consult with a professional loctician. They can assess your child’s hair type, texture, and provide guidance on the best method to start the locs. The right method can ensure a comfortable and manageable experience for your child.

2. Age Consideration

While locs can be started at any age, it’s essential to consider your child’s comfort and willingness to maintain them. Younger children may not be as patient with the initial stages of loc formation, which can be time-consuming. It’s crucial to gauge your child’s readiness for the commitment required.

Basic Maintenance Tips

1. Regular Washing

Maintaining clean locs is vital for overall hair health. Depending on your child’s activity level and hair type, aim for washing their locs every two to four weeks. Use a residue-free shampoo and ensure thorough rinsing to prevent product buildup.

2. Gentle Patting, Not Rubbing

After washing, gently pat the locs with a clean towel to remove excess water. Avoid vigorous rubbing, as it can cause frizz and damage to the hair.

3. Moisturize Regularly

Children’s locs, like adult locs, benefit from regular moisturization. Use a water-based moisturizer or natural oils such as jojoba or coconut oil to keep the locs hydrated and prevent dryness.

4. Avoid Heavy Products

Steer clear of heavy, greasy hair products that can lead to product buildup. Opt for lightweight, natural products that won’t weigh down your child’s locs.

5. Retwisting and Maintenance

Depending on the loc method used, your child’s locs may require retwisting or interlocking to maintain their neat appearance. Consult with a loctician for guidance on the appropriate frequency for your child’s loc type.

Teaching Your Child About Their Locs

1. Cultural and Historical Context

Take the opportunity to educate your child about the cultural and historical significance of locs. Help them understand the beauty and diversity of hairstyles around the world, fostering a sense of pride in their own unique style.

2. Self-Care and Responsibility

Teaching your child to care for their locs instills a sense of responsibility and self-care from a young age. Encourage them to take an active role in their hair care routine, such as moisturizing or gentle washing.

3. Promote Confidence

Locs are a beautiful expression of individuality. Help your child embrace their locs with confidence and pride. Encourage them to appreciate the uniqueness of their hair and to celebrate their own identity.

Maintenance Challenges

1. Dreadlock Lint

Children can be more prone to accumulating lint and debris in their locs due to their active lifestyle. Regularly check their locs for lint and gently remove any visible particles.

2. Patience and Comfort

Children may become impatient during the initial stages of loc formation, where the hair may appear messy or unruly. Offer support and encouragement, reminding them of the beautiful locs that will result from their patience.


Parenting children with locs requires a balance of patience, education, and care. By following these tips and fostering a positive attitude toward their locs, you can ensure that your child’s loc journey is not only manageable but also a source of pride and self-expression.

Remember that locs are more than just a hairstyle; they represent a unique cultural and personal identity. Embrace the journey alongside your child, and together, you can nurture healthy, vibrant locs that reflect their individuality and style.


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