Get Moving with the “Move Informally” NYT Crossword

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If you’re a regular solver of The New York Times crossword, you’ve likely come across the clue “move informally nyt crossword” more than a few times. This common clue can stump even the most experienced solvers, as it can refer to a variety of actions. In this article, we’ll break down what the “Move informally” clue means, provide some common answers, and offer tips for solving it.

Understanding the “Move Informally” Clue

The “Move informally” clue is a common way of hinting at an action that is not necessarily formal or precise. It can refer to a range of physical movements, from simply shifting position to more deliberate actions like dancing or exercising. It can also be used to describe more abstract actions, like changing one’s mind or adjusting one’s strategy.

The key to solving “Move informally” clues is to think outside the box and consider all possible interpretations of the clue. This can involve looking for contextual clues in other parts of the puzzle, or drawing on your own knowledge and experiences to make educated guesses.

Common Answers for “Move Informally”

One of the challenges of solving “Move informally” clues is that there are so many possible answers. Here are some of the most common answers you’re likely to encounter:

  • SHIFT: This answer can refer to a subtle change in position, or a more significant adjustment.
  • GYRATE: This answer often suggests a more vigorous or deliberate motion, such as dancing or spinning.
  • WIGGLE: This answer can refer to a small, fidgety movement, or a more exaggerated one.
  • TWIST: This answer often suggests a turning or contorting motion, such as twisting one’s body or a knob.
  • JIGGLE: This answer can refer to a small, repetitive movement, or a more forceful one.
  • ADJUST: This answer can refer to a wide range of actions, from changing the settings on a device to modifying one’s behavior or approach.
  • FIDGET: This answer often suggests a restlessness or unease, and may involve small, repetitive movements.

Of course, these are just a few examples – there are countless other possible answers depending on the context of the clue.

Tips for Solving “Move Informally” Clues

If you’re struggling to solve a “Move informally” clue, here are some tips that might help:
Consider the surrounding clues: Sometimes, the context of the puzzle can provide helpful hints for solving the “Move informally” clue. Look for other clues that might suggest a particular type of motion or action.

Think about different interpretations: The beauty of the “Move informally” clue is that it can refer to so many different things. Try brainstorming as many possible interpretations as you can, and see if any of them fit with the other letters in the answer.
Draw on your own experiences: Have you ever encountered a situation where you had to move informally? Think about what kind of action you took, and see if it matches any of the possible answers.

Use a crossword dictionary or app: Sometimes, simply looking up possible answers can help jog your memory or spark new ideas.


“Move informally” is a deceptively simple crossword clue that can lead to a wide range of answers. By keeping an open mind and

considering all possible interpretations, you can increase your chances of solving this common puzzle prompt. Remember to look for contextual clues, brainstorm different possibilities, draw on your own experiences, and use resources like crossword dictionaries or apps to help you out. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to solving any “Move informally” clue that comes your way.

The “Move informally” clue is a versatile and frequently used prompt in The New York Times crossword. While it can be challenging to solve, with some creative thinking and careful consideration of possible interpretations, you can successfully crack this clue and move on to the next challenge. So the next time you encounter a “Move informally” clue, don’t let it trip you up – get moving and tackle it head-on!


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